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It is the top-tier soccer competition in Portugal and is contested by 18 clubs. The season usually runs from August to May, with each club playing each other twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, so a total of 34 matches for each team. A team is awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss. The teams in the competition are ranked by their total points accumulated, their number of victories, their goal difference and then goals scored.

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Tell all puts bet on blast

Internet sleuths in the original poster's mentions found Freeman and Hume's personal social handles, as well as the college Freeman is planning to attend in the fall, and where Hume currently goes to school. One follower even uncovered that Hume, who is apparently a college wrestler, works out in a Black-owned gym. Petitions have already been started for Carrollton High School to take disciplinary action, and to bring the matter to the attention of Freeman and Hume's respective universities.

Carrollton High School issued a statement about the incident, saying the matter is "being addressed immediately and any student involved in the production of this video will face serious consequences. Freeman, the young woman in the video, claims the clip was made two years ago.

In a screenshot of a text conversation tweeted out by another classmate, Freeman appears to say, "I'm sorry for ever making that video. I don't even have it saved in my camera roll. See below:. This what Stephanie girl in the video had to say,, pic.

Users can unsubscribe at anytime. We hope these changes will help provide a platform for fair and exciting Counter-Strike. Integrity within the shooter has become a hot topic during October, due to news that the ESIC found 37 CS:GO coaches guilty of deliberately triggering a bug within the game.

As a result, the individuals are prevented from joining official match game servers, communicating with the players 15 minutes before and after a match, and participating in the map veto process. Esports Insider says: The new rule changes implemented by BLAST will undoubtedly strengthen its integrity process and help prevent match-fixing.

Wednesday, February 10, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Esports Insider.

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I personally believe that this wall is a witch hunt against Myron. Firstly it is an audit on a ministry project not on Myron. I have worked in government for 27 years and I know that ministers do not get involved in payments and other administrative things with projects. But we have had many audit reports that are far worse than this one about this wall. Plus we had millions of overrun at the peebles hospital.

We even heard from the VIp that the virgin gorda hospital had an overrun of 1 million dolars the same cost as the wall I understand. Why are they fixated on this one project. It has always raised my concerns. My answer is in this BVI we crucify who want to and we make different rules for who it is. For some reason Myron is seen as a political threat that has to be removed. Because none of this make sense to me and up to now none of those talking have explained what it is Myron did.

Three years and counting. And it had to be brought there by the ministry of finance because of the value of it but all you hear is Myron. Myron give his 2 cents and there is nothing else they can bark at him about? That in itself is questionable if not corrupt. You stand tall Myron. God is in the midst of the storm. Thanks for speaking up and giving your views. You with a name like that should not be allowed to post a comment. First, The world did not say anything about anyone.

Pick one. Second, this what Myron is talking about. Now this is what being an adult is about, I just hope he is being genuine. It is time to stop the pettiness because we will all suffer if things start going further down hill. The other administrations had their issues but I am sorry, Fahie and this VIP team need to go and now. We cannot afford any more of this destructive politics with no plans and just spending so much money.

Further, the level of vindictiveness and pettiness is at a level never before seen in BVI politics. The Greed, The power fight, the underminding.. Our polititians truly caused this bad press and bad situation on the BVI. He had quite a few years. All politics. We still not voting him back in.

We want trusted proven people. People who we know will be honest. Sorry Walwyn, but I think you mean it is time for politicians to reflect! The citizens have placed you all in these positions to look out for the best interests of all citizens but you get there and you believe that you are accountable to no one! Well, now you know!! We citizens need to reflect as well. Please show the facts to show that VIP did anything criminal in their 2 years in office. No rumors or speculation.

You all really worse off than thought. Goes to show that we are stenched with corrupt behavior for so long that it is normal business. Hence the COI to get it right. Please pull your crony behind to the left.

You should be ashamed to say what you are saying. You have contributed nothing sensible to this conversation. Your hatred for people with different roots is permeating your blog which is exactly the same conduct that many of us detest in Donald Trump. I suggest that until you really have a sensible contribution to make that you do not say anything. Clearly you are not at the mature enough at this level to hold a sensible discussion.

You should be ashamed of yourself but maybe you have no shame. The way politicians demonize each other to win a seat is shameful. It makes you wonder if their interest is themselves or the country. I support what the former minister is saying. While they sling mud at each other the British was recording everything and threw it right back at them. How can you deny it now when you were the ones that said it?

I remember Walwyn warning the other politicians about calling each other corrupt because it will hurt the country. I heard him with my own ears saying that. Now lookeee here! Something got to be wrong with some of us. Walwyn was one of the best politicians we had in this country. This man used to help everybody and he did a good job in the ministry of education. I have always respected you as a person. I respect you even more now. I commend you Sir. Mr Walwyn you were not one of my favorites and I really wanted you to lose.

And it was personal. I think however that your time in the wilderness will work out for your good. You have a couple more years to strategize. What the country need is leadership. I really thought the Premier had it in him to provide but sadly did not.

Cross the divide, find professionals, forget ndp, form your own party from now. If you can find a few from existing parties court them. Have a plan. Forget big names and find big hearts. You can not use people with small hearts and big egos. The country is at a cross road. Become the alternate now by being the alternate out of parliament. Have your meetings. It is not too early.

Have a shadow cabinet and take the fight to the government. Do not form a party, form a movement. You can do it. You have proven by your recent utterances that you are our Joshua, our leader in waiting.

Good luck sir and may God go before you. I can see exactly what you are saying. The main person who did this was our Premier. I would never believe another word from his mouth. They used hate tactics and deception to get the NDP out. They never had no plan for the country except to help themselves and their cronies. I could bet my last dollar that our Premier was behind this wall audit. Stay strong Myron.

You is good people. I hope you are coming back. You are needed. The education ministry has no direction. Listening to the House without your voice is a waste of my time. Most of them could hardly talk and say anything sensible. I agree with all you have said. Disregard those. He will go down alone with his clique who have been at the center of BVI corruption since the early s. Name required. The information presented on BVINews.

Outside of personal use, any unauthorized reproduction, by any means, mechanical or electronic, without the express written permission of BVINews. January 28, at AM. Read and Understand says:. Mr says:. Help us father says:. But says:. Rubber Duck says:. Sue says:. January 28, at PM.

Hmm says:. One thing for sure says:. EU Citizen says:. BuzzBvi says:. He is right says:. Explain, anybody please says:. Read says:. Not-so says:. Conscious talk says:. Common sense says:. Right my ass says:. Do better says:. You Right Myron.

You right Myron says:. Personal says:. The truth says:. Chosen says:. Sage advice says:. All I want says:. Lodger says:. Aside from that drama, former finalists Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jade Roper got to relive their break ups, as though the only point of the episode was to reduce every woman to tears.

The crazy Ashley proved there may actually be a screw loose. And Soules let out several of his signature heavy sighs. Yes, it was a productive evening that undoubtedly left many watchers thankful there's only one week of this season left. Tiney Ricciardi. Her passions for music and language have taken her across the world, from Peru to Switzerland and all corners of America. A self-proclaimed master of puns, she currently resides in East Dallas priming her online publishing skills and snuggling with her cats.

Ask her where to find good music and good beer. Catch up on North Texas' vibrant arts and culture community, delivered every Monday. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. More from Homepage. Headed to Texas: Thousands of migrants coming from California and other states. Union says front-line grocery workers need vaccines sooner and should still earn hazard pay.

Are suburban Texas counties getting shortchanged on vaccine?


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